Whereas the City Council has found that persons are residing in campers and recreational vehicles on private property within the City, and that this use is in violation of the zoning codes of the City and otherwise harms the aesthetics, sanitation, public health and safety of the City and its citizens. These activities are not being pursed as a recreational activity but as a replacement for regular housing.

(Ord. 324)

(a)   The occupation or use of campers and recreational vehicles on private property is prohibited, except as provided in this section.

(b)   For the purposes of this section, occupation or use of a camper or recreational vehicle is defined as allowing persons to reside in, sleep within or otherwise inhabit the noted vehicles. It is presumed that if a recreational vehicle is connected to power or wastewater systems that the same is being occupied or used in violation of this ordinance.

(c)   It is irrelevant, for the purposes of this ordinance, that the persons residing in the camper or recreational vehicle are related to the property owner, or that the property owner is not the owner of the camper or recreational vehicle.

(d)   A property owner may obtain a temporary permit to allow a limited occupation or use of a recreational vehicle or camper on the owner's property. The request for a permit must be completed and submitted to the City Clerk in advance of the proposed use, and the owner must provide or comply with all of the following requirements:

(1)   The proposed temporary use cannot exceed 30 days, and only one request per property owner can be submitted per year.

(2)   The name and permanent address of all persons engaged in the temporary use shall be disclosed. No permit may be applied for if the occupancy will be for more than four (4) people, unless an exception is requested and granted by the City Council, upon evidence that the recreational vehicle is suited for such increased occupancy.

(3)   The property owner shall provide information as to whether the camper or vehicle will be connected to utilities, and the location of the proposed connections. In addition, in occupations for more than 48 hours, the property owner shall detail how any human waste or sewage shall be disposed of. Any use that improperly uses city services or facilities shall be denied.

(4)   The permit shall allow, and the property owner shall agree to allow, city officers or employees to inspect the camper or vehicle prior to the use, and to inspect the same during the use upon reasonable evidence that the same is not in compliance with this ordinance.

(5)   Payment of a $30.00 application fee.

(e)   That property owners or persons found to be in violation of this article shall be subject to prosecution in Municipal Court with any penalty assessed pursuant to City Code Section 1-116. Each day a violation shall continue shall be considered a separate offense.

(Ord. 324)